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You need a faithful transcription of 100% for study? You work as psychologists and you need to carefully study the interlayer of a particular person interviewed? can create for you the perfect sbobinature verbatim transcribing hesitations, errors, silence, slip etc. but also sighs, pauses, hesitations, repetitions in order to capture the psychology and feelings of speaking subjects.
Models sbobinature verbatim of
The verbatim sbobinature are complex and require experience, skills and the support of valid output technology. It should be a very fine ear to be able to transcribe the smallest details of a conversation and great professionalism to do this quickly, at the highest levels of accuracy and perfection of grammar and syntax. There are two types of sbobinature verbatim you can choose:
Verbatim Transcription Word-for-word: In this type of sbobinature, the recording is transcribed without omitting any word, expression, exclamation, paused and without any alteration of the spoken audio file. This type of sbobinature are indicated for legal or transcripts of conferences
Intelligent Verbatim Transcription: After the process of unwinding, the transcriber published parts of the transcript. Abbreviations are replaced with the full terms, irrelevant words are deleted and the grammar is correct. This type of sbobinature are, generally, requests for interviews, focus groups and for all those sbobinature educational purposes and educational.
Benefits of sbobinature verbatim
If you are looking for very accurate transcription, faithful 100% of your audio, the verbatim transcription is the one for you. can guarantee you – thanks to its high level of professionalism, a team of professional transcribers and a modern and efficient back office technology – the highest quality in the verbatim transcript.

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The characteristics of our service

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Our group unwinding is formed by experienced and madrelignua, which has over 1,000 hours of transcription, professionally trained to transcribe with the highest level of accuracy and quickly. In addition, we have a group of correctors of sbobinature, employees Quality Control Transcripts, which control the texts before sending them, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the transcription.


We deliver files despooled in fast times, depending on the customer’s needs, with which we take custom agreements and establish a precise rendition program.


We can convert written text of your audio files, in any format they will be sent: .wav, .mpeg, .aac,. dss., .au, .vid, .wmv, .avi, .mov, up to DVD, to stereocassette and vHS tapes. You can choose the output format text you prefer and which is best suited to your needs as doc, text or pdf. We send the text transcribed by mail or in such other form as you indicated, including the postage on paper or on CD.

Collaboration with Customer

You can reach us through our contact form. We are at your disposal 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, to answer your every question or request within a few minutes. You can also send us your files at In a few minutes, we will agree with you time and cost of unwinding.


We are aware of the importance of our service to each of our clients: for this, we guarantee to all competitive prices, falling more than 20% compared to normal market prices, including a possible revision or translation of the text. To learn more about our prices, please contact us! Our representative will respond within a few minutes!

Traceability continues

Our staff is always available. Fill out the contact form and one of our staff will respond within a few minutes!

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